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Is This My Best? Questioning Our Efforts in Light of Our Values ​

Published on January 21st, 2024 by Cem Hurturk

Is This My Best? Questioning Our Efforts in Light of Our Values

We've all been told at some point, "Do your best." It's a phrase I often say to my kids too: "Do your best, don't worry about the rest." But what does it really mean to do your best? How can we be sure that our efforts are not just diligent, but also directed in the right way?

'Doing your best' isn't just about putting in effort; it's about channeling that effort wisely. It means applying your full power, focus, and potential, but first, it's crucial to pause and reflect: Are we investing our energy in the right place? Are the tasks we're dedicating ourselves to in alignment with our core values, vision, mission, and purpose?

Dedicating yourself to something that doesn’t resonate with your core values is like rowing a boat in the wrong direction. You might be moving, but not towards your desired destination. This misalignment leads to wasted energy on things that, in the grand scheme of our lives, don't hold significant meaning.

Conversely, when our actions are in harmony with our goals and values, every ounce of effort counts. In these moments, giving your all has a profound purpose.

The outcome, regardless of what it is, brings a sense of inner peace. You know you've done all you could, and there are no haunting questions like "What if I had worked harder?" or "What if I had done things differently?" These questions tether us to the past and impede our progress.

A Message to My Future Self and Kids: This article is a reminder to my future self and my children: always ensure that your actions align with your core values and purpose. If you find they don’t, it’s time to stop and reevaluate. This might require short-term sacrifices, but in the long run, it's the path to fulfilling your true goals and purposes.

In essence, doing your best is more than just effort; it's about making sure that effort counts towards what truly matters to you. When aligned with your core values and purpose, your best effort will not only lead to success but also to a profound sense of satisfaction and inner peace.

Remember, it's not just about doing your best, but about doing your best for the right reasons.

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