Cem Hurturk

Who am I?

🧙‍♂️ On-Premise Master
👨‍💻 4x Founder / 🏆 1x Exit
📗 Mentor to SaaS/Software startups
🖥 Developer & Maker
👨‍👦‍👦👨‍👧👫 Proud Father & Husband
🙏 "Be grateful for every breathe you take"

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Major personal achievements since 2019;

  • [2019] Lost 21kg
  • [2019] Built remote teams for my ventures & products
  • [2019] Built various habits with the help of consistency & discipline
  • [2019] V/TO and L10 meetings became a must for me and my ventures
  • [2020] 23h/1h Intermittent fasting (2 times a week)


  • [1998] I developed the first trade index for the Turkish market under TicaretMerkezi.com
  • [1999] I developed the first email marketing software and sold it to a customer in Hong Kong.
  • [2000] Octeth.com was born and the first product was "Octeth Email Marketing Pro" released.
  • [2001] Security and user auth management software KeepSecured released.
  • [2002] Simple email broadcasting software Mailium is released.
  • [2003] Remote presentation software RemotelyDisplay is released.
  • [2004] Custom support and help desk software InnovativeHelpDesk is released.
  • [2004] Online document and knowledge base software DocAuthor is released.
  • [2005] Idea management, brainstorming and collaboration service Wridea.com is released.
  • [2005] Octeth Graphper, the chart engine is released.
  • [2006] Wridea reached 40,000 active users from all over the world.
  • [2007] Hosted email marketing platform Sendloop.com is released.
  • [2009] Real-time email analytics and inbox preview service PreviewMyEmail.com is released.
  • [2010] Email relaying service SenderSuite.com is released.
  • [2011] IP reputation and blacklist monitoring service DeliveryIPMonitor is released
  • [2011] Octeth sold its 20,000th license to a customer from New Zealand
  • [2013] PreviewMyEmail is acquired by SMTP, Inc.
  • [2017] Referral tracking platform ReferralMagic is released.
  • [2017] ML powered, scalable, multi-platform market analysis platform Whisperer is released.
  • [2018] Email marketing and audience management platform Sendloop Studio is released for digital marketing firms.
  • [2018] 50saas Core for rapid SaaS/software development is released.
  • [2019] Biorhythm analysis and forecasting mobile app is released.
  • [2019] Cleanify - Email verification software for sales teams is released.