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Stop Rushing: How Moving Slow Helps You Achieve More

Published on February 4th, 2024 by Cem Hurturk

Stop Rushing: How Moving Slow Helps You Achieve More

FOMO, or the "fear of missing out," is a term we often hear in stock trading. It's that anxious feeling that you're missing out on something great that everyone else is part of. This feeling isn't just limited to trading; it's something many of us experience in our daily lives, especially as business owners. We're constantly checking to see if we're successful, if we're on the right track, or how we measure up against our competitors. Our decisions are influenced by everything around us: our customers, our competitors, our friends, and our family.

This constant comparison creates a sense of urgency, a belief that we need to act quickly in all aspects: make decisions faster, ship products faster, fix issues faster, and solve problems faster. But here's the thing: life isn't about rushing through it as if it's a race with no finish line.

It's time to STOP. Stop comparing ourselves to others, stop trying to outpace our competitors, and most importantly, stop rushing. Instead, we should take a moment to slow down, really enjoy what we're doing, and focus on doing it well rather than doing it fast.

I spent my 20s and 30s in a constant rush, trying to develop software quicker, ship new features faster, and always push for more speed. But I realized that speed didn't bring me happiness. It was like driving a car too fast; you miss the world around you, stress about avoiding a crash, and don't enjoy the ride. The same goes for both personal and business life.

The key is to slow down. When you ease off the accelerator, you start to enjoy the journey. You notice the beauty around you, and you find joy in the process itself. For your business, this means building with care, shipping with thought, and taking the time to make considered decisions. It might seem slower at first glance, but in the long run, you'll find it's the fastest way to truly enjoy life and your work.

On this Sunday afternoon, these are just a few thoughts on the importance of slowing down. By taking our time, having a clear vision and mission, and truly appreciating each moment, we can achieve more than we ever thought possible, not just in business, but in life as well.

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