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Releasing the Wheel: Finding Trust in the Universe's Journey ​

Published on January 10th, 2024 by Cem Hurturk

Releasing the Wheel: Finding Trust in the Universe's Journey

In today's world, we're constantly bombarded with messages of control and achievement. Buzzwords like productivity, creativity, hustling, goals, and discipline are everywhere. Social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram are rife with advice: wake up at 6 am to be successful, grind for riches, follow a strict routine for happiness. But let's stop for a moment and question this - is this really the only way to live and succeed?

The relentless push for control and success has led many of us to believe that life is a strict, controlled process. We're told that success comes from waking up early, making your bed, and pushing harder every day. But is life really that simple and straightforward? Are we truly in the driver's seat of our own lives?

I've been reflecting on these questions, especially after a personal and profound experience. Just last week, I lost my mom to cancer. It was a sudden turn in our lives. She had been the picture of health until last year, and her diagnosis and subsequent passing dramatically shifted my perspective.

This heart-wrenching experience has been a stark reminder of life's unpredictability. It has led me to question the extent of our control. Can we, with any certainty, predict what the next second holds? If not, are we really steering our life’s course?

I remember reading "The Surrender Experiment" by Michael A. Singer, which narrates Singer’s journey following a deep spiritual awakening. It presents an intriguing idea: sometimes things happen just because they need to happen.

Losing my mom reinforced this concept for me. We may not have control over life, but we can control our reactions. What should our reaction be? It should be to do our best in the present moment. Working? Give it your all. Enjoying a dinner? Savor every bite. Resting at home? Embrace the relaxation fully. Embrace the present, trust in life, God, the universe, or whatever you believe in. When bad things happen, welcome them, feel them, and let them pass.

Some might view this perspective as giving up control, like a sailboat drifting aimlessly. But I see it as trusting the journey, much like trusting a pilot or a train driver, a metaphor shared by my 11-year-old daughter. We trust these professionals with our physical journeys; maybe it's time to trust the universe with the journey of our lives.

We can push our limits and try to take control, aiming to get richer, happier, or stronger. But in the end, what will be, will be. So, our focus should be on the present – doing our best in each moment, whatever it demands of us.

In embracing this philosophy, we might find a deeper sense of peace and fulfillment. It's not about being passive; it's about understanding where our true power lies. It's about releasing the wheel and trusting the journey, wherever it may lead, especially in times of profound change and loss, as I've recently experienced. It's a lesson in humility, acceptance, and the art of letting go, learning to ride the waves of life with grace and trust.

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